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Bringing Safety to Everyone

Thermal Cameras Provide Safety but Are Too Expensive
We Are Changing That

Safety in Numbers

In the US in 2020


7,709 Deaths

106,241 Injuries

In the world in 2020


>350,000 Deaths

A Pedestrian Dies Every 100 Seconds

Because Drivers Can’t See Them
Especially at Night

Thermal Imagers Can Solve This Problem

But Most Cars Don’t Come With Them Today

Because Thermal Cameras Are Too Expensive!

The Big Cost Problem Solved

By choosing a completely different path than the rest of the industry

By utilizing the manufacturing infrastructure that solved its own cost issue:  Think Flat Panel TV

By creating LAMP (Large Area MEMS Platform) to drastically lower the cost of thermal sensors

Gen 3.5 glass held up by two people in gown v4.jpg

200mm Si Wafer

Thermal Sensor Module

The sensor module is at the heart of our innovation.

  • MEMS imaging sensors on display glass at unprecedented cost and scale

  • Silicon cover bonded via our proprietary high throughput vacuum packaging process

  • Custom high-channel count readout IC chip designed to be plug-and-play, compatible with multiple sensor designs

Thermal Cameras

Our aim is to provide high resolution thermal cameras at a low, affordable price.


Our lowest resolution camera is VGA and we are scaling it up to HD later in 2023.


We are currently shipping cameras for automotive and drone customers.

VGA Camera for
Automotive & Security

VGA Camera for


Join Our Creative,

Passionate Team

Join us to shake up the thermal imaging industry, as we implement our ground-breaking technology into a manufacturing reality.


Implement A

Revolutionary Solution

Fill out the form for inquiries, or send an email to us at:

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